Deep Thinker

Sitting quietly beside the door, she was watching all her mates laughing and gossiping there.Everybody seemed to be quite busy in their own world, when she was left alone with no one to talk with.

In this era of Friends, Hangouts and social circle, why was she left un  noticed by every body’s   eyes ?     Was she herself the reason behind her loneliness ?                                          Did her introvertness never let her to be frank with other ?                     Or did her arrogance kept people away from her ?                                     Did she really loved to be alone ? 
May be…

May be there was something else too…                                                       She could not be one of those double faced diplomats.                     Her fast forwardness was never accepted by the society.         Indulging oneself in criticism was not allowed by her nature.     Entertaining oneself by other’s distress was not her way of living.     Being innocent was her Fault.

A Great Fault may be…
And somewhere between the Perception of the ‘SOCIETY’ and the ‘INNOCENCE’ of a crippled heart,
“A deep thinker was born who was overwhelmed with thoughts but was getting hollow from inside…”


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