She was unsocial.

An introvert, imperfect, arrogant, sarcastic mess.
In this era of friends, hangouts and social circle, she went unnoticed by the world’s treasures chasing eyes.

Was she really alone?

Was loneliness really successful in hunting her self-esteem?

Did boredom really hit her hard?
She had the Trees to sit on, the Leaves to lie on, the Swans to play with, the Fire Flies to gossip with.

The Raindrops penetrated through her veins and moved to the loneliest corner of her heart to fill it with an Unending Pleasure.

The Clouds took away all her pain and let her set her goals on them.

The Moving Air shared her emotions prettily.

The Wide Sky made her feel as she is the ’ QUEEN OF HER OWN KINGDOM’.
She was Not Alone…

“ She was in an Eternal Relationship with Nature which kept her Emotionally Fulfilled.
She was a ‘NATURE LOVER’ …!!!”


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