I stay awake at night

August 11. 1998
I stay awake at night,

I get hungry and wake up, I feed on my mother’s milk unaware of the world and it’s conspiracies around, an innocent serene creature.


I am a new born baby.

August 11. 2014
I stay awake at night,

I am studying hard, I need to fulfill my parent’s expectations. I need to stand first in my class, I need to gain all the appreciations and love of my parents and family.


I am a school girl.

August 11. 2017
I stay awake at night,

I am walking on the road towards my dreams, I saw ever since my childhood. I am working hard and will conquer them all soon.


I am an ambitious young girl.

August 11. 2020
I stay awake at night,

sunken in his thoughts, his lovely verses composed for me, this hand made card, this rose embedded in my secret diary, our late night conversations, songs sung in his soothing voice… just for me… These all gives me the captivating feeling of being loved. I cherish them all night.


I am a lover.

August 11. 2022
I stay awake at night,

earning a living, I aspired to, to give my family all the luxuries and pleasure they deserve. I am here building me and my family’s life.


I a responsible family-woman.

August 11. 2037
I stay awake at night,

I am worried about my children’s future. I need to nurture them up into sensible and responsible humans. I will give my heart and soul to fulfill all those dreams their little eyes aspire for.


I am​ a mother.

August 11.  2060
I stay awake at night,

I am suffering from various ailments. I have completed all my responsibilities. Now my body is accustomed to medicines. I am suffering from insomnia, I spend nights waiting for my life to end and occupy my place in heaven.
“……. read the yellow moth eaten pages of her grandma’s diary. It was the day she got to know about the cycle of life.”


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