//Last Wish

When the world claims to be beautiful ,

I wish to be ugly,

ugly enough to evade the

hunger stricken eyes,

in the disguise of foul,

I wanna escape!

When moonlight marks menace,

I wish to fade away in murk,

to elude the vile beasts at the corner

not to be their feast, tonight

I wanna escape!

When the world laughs in rapture,

I wish to conceal my smile behind

curtains of anguish,

to tame evil desires of crew;


I wanna escape,

Escape a life of fazed prey,

And this I wish for the last……




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//love is sacrifice

….they say, love is sacrifice.

yeah. It is

just like the rose,

mislays its scent to adorn you.

or like that moon, on

a full moon night,

splits it’s twinkle

to dazzle your leaden blue;

just like that.

love elucidates

your malaise,

merges with bliss,

and raptures you vein…!!

//love sacrifices your pain

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//will you ?

One day, I’ll lose my beauty in the encumbrances of life,

My vision will turn obscure to see you

Ears, deafened to hear your words

Voice, crazed with senility;

Will you still perceive my grace ?

Still apprise your words of solicitude to me, and 

discern my anguish ?
Will you still embrace me, when

my arms would be too feeble to hold you back ?

limbs, tender to stand with you,

Will you sit by me, then ?

Our memories of love would be perished with time,

Will you make efforts to frame new ?
One day, I’ll be in ashes,

Will you still let your heart to be a part of mine ?

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एक अज़ीब सि कश्मकश थी सीने में,                       

एक तरफ अँधेरा था, दूसरी तरफ धुँआ।                     

किस ओर जाऊ ?                                                 

अँधेरे में खो जाऊ या, धुँए में समां जाऊ….                 

तेरे ख्वाबो में डूब जाऊ, या तेरी परछाई से लिपट जाऊ….                                                         

ख्वाब मेरे नजरों में कैद थे… और तेरी परछाई उस धुएं में  महक रही थी,

दिल बेचैन, धड़कन सुस्त                                     

अजीब सी एक कश्मकश थी,                                   

फिर नजरों ने अपना रास्ता ढूंढ लिया…..             

……… और अचानक अँधेरा सा छा गया ।।

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