Mess of colours OR colourless.

…….if red speaks blood,

black spells evil;

my life is white.

mess of colours



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Dependence OR Independence

So, what you are ?

Dependent ?

Independent ?

What ?

What exactly are you into ?

Dependent ?

You depend for food, clothing, shelter, studies, entertainment on parents, teachers, friends and every other person you meet.

So is this dependence ?

Really ?

Or would you say, you are independent because you do not depend for the same on others, you earn your own living, feed your stomach and cover your body with your own resources.

Is this independence all about ?

What if I say,

I’m neither dependent nor independent,


I’m emotionally and financially self-dependent.

You know what dependence literally means ?

It means you need someone to fulfil your needs, not just food, clothes, books or that fan over your head but for peace, happiness and satisfaction.

Now if you say,

You are a school kid, and need your parents to provide you the services, so you consider yourself dependent on your family.


You are not dependent, you are a part of family and it’s their duty as well as their love to nourish you up.

The same goes for you, it’s your duty to respect them and stand to be the strongest bond of family.

But what about YOU ?

You think earning a handsome amount and fulfilling physical needs is what independence is all about ?

When you consider yourself financially independent, you do not need anybody to meet your financial crisis.

But what about the emotional you ?

Are you emotionally independent, cause you don’t need friends to get entertained, or your beloved to heal,

Is this what you mean by independence ?

You do not need people around, but often rely on material things, you need a book to be content, music to soothe, social media to be cheerful.

So are you literally independent ?

It’s just that your ground of living is shifting from living to non-living stuffs.

But you are still DEPENDENT.

So why not to crash these dependence and independence, and focus on self-dependence ?

Don’t you think, that’s the most reliable of all ?

It’s gonna serve you till you are alive.

Why do you need books, when you can weave your own thoughts, why to scroll those gadgets, when you can scroll through your own imaginations, why letting music to steal the show, when you can create your own rythm ?


Why can’t you visit an isolated place without a camera, and just conserve the beauty in your mind ?

Do you need a camera to perceive the beauty? Are those filters and editing skills more efficient to your naked eyes ?

Can’t you sit down for a while and walk down your memory lane, to gain energy to fight the rest of the chaos of the day ?

You can.

When you are self-dependent, when you no more need anybody to bring a smile on those lips, to give the utmost happiness and satisfaction, you starve to.

None but You.

Be dependent, but on YOURSELF. Live the moment you are alive, live the moment for yourself. Love yourself, cause you are the most deserving person of that love.

Don’t rely on mankind or their creation, cause they will come and go,

but when you go, you carry away only yourself.

Self-dependence is not about being alone my friend, it’s about being a complete human, an universe in yourself.

And when you, yourself are complete, you can crown up your love. Your partner will seek an universe in you and will sink within.

Cause at the end, LOVE is all we seek, and SELF-LOVE is the origin of all…..

Thank you 🙂





Second Chance

And as we grow up,

We realize that, finally we are left with handful of people, or even none around them. We are matured enough to understand that, time changes and so do people, life shows us varied situations where we are finally okay with the fact that we are parted from them because, it had to happen… just like that.
But did we ever try to stop them ?

Or  had ever given a second thought to it, that maybe.. maybe

It was our fault somewhere ?

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