It’s okay

……and you did always
filter your fabricated words
with visage of candour;

it’s okay.
i too,
am a poet!

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Second Chance

And as we grow up,

We realize that, finally we are left with handful of people, or even none around them. We are matured enough to understand that, time changes and so do people, life shows us varied situations where we are finally okay with the fact that we are parted from them because, it had to happen… just like that.
But did we ever try to stop them ?

Or  had ever given a second thought to it, that maybe.. maybe

It was our fault somewhere ?

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Have you ?

Have you ever felt like you are trapped inside your own self ? 

As if you want to cry hard, harder than ever so as the walls around you would just burst out. Begging to spend a day alone, with your self enclosed in a room, so that you can cry the whole day and drain out the pain and anger out of your mind, body and soul, and come out again like a fresh piece of flesh, ready to be take up the scars allover again. Did you ever feel like chopping yourself into pieces, just because you deserve to be punished ?

Have you ever come across such emotions ?
If you have,

then my friend, you have come across the true meaning of life, cause life was never so easy, but you did survive through the harsh faces of it.
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The clock is showing 1:47 now.

It is Diwali today, 

they say it is the festival of lights, yeah… maybe.. it is. The sky beyond that window is enlightenment with sky lanterns and the sparks of light every where.

    But… but how shall I celebrate diwali ?

Should I burn myself in the blazing flame of the diyas, or should I burst myself with the crackers tonight ?


I can do something too, I can fly away with the sky lanterns, in the high sky, unknown to the destination where it would land or just disappear silently. Atleast with it, I will be carried away with a gleam and not the darkness of the night.
When the world would be celebrating it’s festival, I will live my escape.
                                                 Good Night
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